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Rough Country’s Top 3 Best-Selling Suspension

Rallies and off-roading have been in fashion for decades. The thrilling rides over the massive sand dunes or trekking on a 4×4 vehicle over the mountainous slopes hits an instant adrenaline rush. Or even for the sake of a comfortable ride on rough terrain, you need to install a top-notch suspension in your vehicle. And this is exactly where Rough Country can help you.

A renowned company for manufacturing suspenses for heavy vehicles, Rough Country is your go to choice if you’re planning for an off-road drive, and want your vehicle to be ready for it.

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Rough Country Suspension offers huge value for money. Their lift kits are economic and last a very long time. They have a wide range of options available for all kinds of vehicles including bodykit, suspension lift and leveling kits. Their suspension kits are precisely designed for easy installation. Moreover, they come with a manual guide which saves up hours to install the lift kit. Most of their production is in Tennessee so you’re guaranteed a promising build quality. 

While Rough Country is not a BBB Accredited Business, they have an A+ rating with the BBB. Here are the top 3 best selling suspensions by Rough Country:

Hummer Suspension Lift Kit

Hummer Suspension Lift Kit by Rough Country is widely known for it’s durability and hardcore performance. This kit is incredibly simple, yet enormously effective. It provides a 2.5 inch suspension lift to your Hummer truck. With easy installation and a low price, it marks up as one of the most adopted suspensions for Hummer. It utilises a lifted rear shackle with torsion bar key spacer which can be installed in up to 32 inch tires. 

This kit is basically projected to level the front of the vehicle with it’s rear, which gives an overwhelming customisation to the layout, as well as the drive of your vehicle. It features a complete bolt-on installation which does not take more than 3 hours to install. It is sold for just $69.95 with free shipping, which makes the deal impeccable. 

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Toyota Tacoma Suspension Lift Kit

As we all are aware of the fact that 4×4 Toyota’s are one of the most famous off road vehicles. Tacoma is extensively used all over the world for off-roading and all terrain purposes. Rough Country brings you a new, three inch N3 series Toyota Tacoma suspension lift kit. It features two inch rear blocks and front upper strut extensions. The N3 shock absorbers in this kit, work immaculately to maintain a balance between hard core off roading and a smooth highway drive. 

It increases the ground clearance of your vehicle by a huge margin and also maintains the default factory drive quality. The rigorous balance of front and rear of the vehicle offered by this kit is uncanny. Although, struts spacers require the use of strut disassembly or strut compressor for installation. This kit consists of strut extensions, differential spacers, hardware, 2 inch lift blocks, U-bolts and two  premium N3 Series rear shock absorbers. It comes at a price of $299.95.

International Suspension Lift System 

The international suspension system provides a staggering four inch lift to your 4WD truck. It is a universal kit and can be installed easily on any 4×4 truck built according the international standards. Primarily, it raises the front of your vehicle to be equal to the rear height of your vehicle. Furthermore, it gives an aggressive look to your ordinary vehicle. This kit features a set of front and rear leaf springs which allows you to gain additional height without sacrificing ride comfort and stability. 

A set of finely tuned 10 stage variable and high-pressure shocks charged by nitrogen, proposes a fantastic blend of dune bashing action and serene road drive. With a durable 18mm spring-loaded piston rod and fast-cooling 54mm shock body, you can fit up to 33 inch tires with exact wheel backspacing. It is a bit pricey at the rate of $669.95, but you won’t regret spending this amount as it is backed by a lifetime replacement policy. 

Rough Country offers free shipping on all of their products. They also have a monthly payment plan if you cannot pay a lump sum amount. So, get your hands on the best selling suspensions and hit the terrains you’ve always wanted to run your vehicle on.

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