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Wanna Stay in a Spaceship in Joshua Tree Overnight?

One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived was the high desert. There’s something about going out there and just taking in the scenery and I love the Joshua Tree area. When it’s night you can see the stars so clearly and it just gets better the further from the city you go out. Camping is fun but now you can stay in a Spaceship set up away from civilization. You can rough it while still sleeping in a bed. Sounds like perfection.

The space is being rented out on AirBnB. It comes with four single bed fold-outs which makes 2 queen size beds.

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The Listing says:

An original Futuro House restored for the ultimate Glamping experience! There are Only 85 in the world, 19 in the USA, and only 1 available you can stay a night in and that’s AREA 55 Glamping tour experience in Joshua Tree CA! Book us and get the experience!

This is a completely off-grid glamping experience. Before booking Please be sure to view our “Other things to note” The idea is to disconnect, kick back on the queen size daybed and enjoy, but still have those perks of having some connected amenities when needed. You can enjoy our many fun board games, and with our solar power for small electronic devices to keep your devices charged. You can enjoy Our in-house Bluetooth sound system and coffee maker. Fresh water for hot outdoor showers and private restrooms, with Outdoor kitchen area with propane grill island to make your favorite food and eat by the fire pit under the stars!


This is a nice alternative to camping out in Joshua Tree. Take your telescope and enjoy the stars.

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