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How to Tell If You Need Your Windows Repaired or Replaced?

There is nothing more troublesome than having windows that can’t open or are cracked and poorly sealed, during a harsh winter or unbearable summer. Purchasing brand new windows can be a costly investment but repairs might bring more problems down the road that can lead to more repair work. So how do you know if it’s time to replace or repair your windows?

The answer to this depends on what issue you are facing. Knowing exactly when it’s time to replace your windows is never going to be obvious. However, there are a a few things which signify the need of windows replacement, which are stated below:

Difficulty in Operating 

The general rule of thumb is that if your windows are not operating smoothly, they need to be replaced by new windows or they need to be repaired along the frame. If you’re facing difficulty in opening and closing a window, or the window cannot stay open on it’s own, that’s one of the most obvious signs that it’s time to replace your windows. 

Windows that do not operate how they should are risky to keep as they can pose serious danger in case of a fire or emergency situation. This should be enough of a reason to replace old and non-functioning windows.

Another disadvantage of non operational windows is that your energy bills will be much higher. If the windows are not keeping out the cold breeze or heat radiations, you will consume more energy through AC or heater. This additional expense will sprout up to the cost of a new window so replace or get them repaired as soon as you see an operational defect.

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Storm Windows

Storm windows are a cheap solution to save some money from your energy bills. These windows are placed outside of the original window, in proper fitting. They provide protection and insulation to bad weather. Some special storm windows can be installed on the inside of original windows as well.

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Storm windows might look like a fancy facility, but the long term use of it implies that there is a problem with your original windows. Using storm windows over your regular windows indicates that your windows are not efficient enough to protect your home from heat and cold. It also means that they do not provide enough insulation on their own.

As a result, you’re still paying more in energy bills than you should be and you have the added frustration of removing and reinstalling storm windows each time the season changes. Replace your regular windows with brand new windows so it could keep all the dirt elements outside and provide better insulation against weather. 

Single Paned Windows

Single paned windows are those windows which consist of only one pane of glass. These windows are mostly installed in old houses. As glass is a good conductor of heat, the transfer of heat takes place between the inside and outside of your home. 

A single paned window will lose a large amount of heat from the inside of your house in winter. And in summers, it will transfer a lot of heat from the outside to the inside of your house. Single paned windows can make the insulation of your home difficult.

Replacing your single paned windows with double or triple paned windows is the solution to this inefficient insulation. Or you could alter these windows and add another pane according to the frame fitment. You will instantly notice a huge difference in how your new windows keep the heat in your home when it’s cold out and vice versa during the hot months. As a result of better insulation, you will be saving money on energy bills and the temperature of your home will also be more comfortable throughout the year. 

Cracked or Broken Glass

Cracked or broken glass of your windows calls for an instant repair or replacement. The edges of the glass are sharp enough to harm anyone. If the rest of your window is in good condition, the most affordable and efficient option would be to replace only the damaged glass. There are many glass replacement companies out there that can assist you to solve this problem 

It’s all up to you whether to keep paying in the form of additional energy bills, or invest in replacement of your windows which will not only enhance the beauty of your home’s outlook, but also the temperature of your house will be well-maintained according to the weather outside.

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