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Article Goes Viral After Sarah O’Connor Writes About Robots

Let’s face it, the name Sarah Connor will forever be synonymous with robots and Skynet. So, lets say if a person named Sarah O’Connor were to write about something like “Why I was wrong to be optimistic about robots” it might go a bit viral, like this article did.

O’Connor, a reporter for the Financial Times, is being bombarded with questions about Skynet and people asking about John Connor after doing exactly that.

Thankfully, Sarah has a good sense of humor about this as it seems it has happened before. Though if you do decide to comment please show some restraint. She’s rightfully getting a bit tired of the same comments happening over and over again.

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We’re not sure if her bosses are assigning her these things to write about but if they are maybe they should let her use a pen name for robot related articles. Otherwise it’s just nice to know what Sarah Connor- I mean Sarah O’Connor- really thinks about these machines.

Note: Please don’t follow her just to harass her. If you want to follow her for when she writes about robots that’s fine. Just chuckle to yourself and move on.

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