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“Matrix 4” Title Revealed, Tells Us Volumes: “Matrix Resurrections”

Well, it seems that by an innocent slip-up, the title of the upcoming fourth installment in the “Matrix” franchise has been let out of the bag. Thus far Warner Bros. Pictures has been largely tight lipped around the storyline or details around the film. However it was an innocuous wrap gift that wound up being the leak.

Shunika Terry, the key hairstylist on location in Germany, had posted to her Instagram account, a photo of what appears to be a Neo-inspired jacket or shirt, with an accompanying card, reading:

…during these extraordinary times in the making of Matrix Resurrections. Wir lieben Euch, Lana & James”

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Given that Terry is listed on IMDB as being indeed part of the “Matrix 4” production crew, it appears that it is legitimate. The title could also be working title rather than the final title, but given that it follows the prior sequels (Revolutions and Reloaded), and is also starting with an R, it’s probably correct.

Since with the end of “Matrix: Revolutions“, the key characters Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Neo (Keanu Reeves) were dead (and Neo’s mind merged into the machines), but they are part of the new films cast, “Resurrections” is a straight up expression that they will be back. Beyond that it may mean that it could be setting up a general do-over. The Merovingian (again being played by Lambert Wilson), being a part of the simulation is less of a stretch to have return.

Matrix Resurrections” will be released on December 22nd, 2021 on HBO Max and [hopefully] theaters.

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