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Godzilla’s New Real Estate Company Will Find You a Building to Smash

Looking to buy up some real estate? Want to find something specifically to destroy and bring down the market value of places around it? Well now Godzilla will find you the perfect place with his new company Prehistoric Properties.

“Are you a monster looking for a big dream house for you and the whole family to destroy? Look no further than Prehistoric Properties the new app exclusively for monsters seeking to wreak havoc.

We’ll help you find that perfect neighborhood for the kids to leave in complete shambles.”

The video comes from Nerdist‘s “Godzilla Tales” series. This video specifically is made to help sell real estate to Godzilla and his extended family. It’s the perfect app for any monster looking for a good place to destroy and settle in.

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Nerdist’s YouTube

Nerdist has put out a bunch of these videos in a collaboration with TOHO to celebrate Godzilla’s 66th anniversary. I fully recommend checking out the entire playlist of these videos. They are hilarious fun for kaiju and movie monster lovers.

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