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New Super Hero Universe Created With “Solaris: Evolution”

A new series called “Solaris: Evolution” just released episode 1 titled “The First Storm”. In this new universe, the sun is slowly exploding and sending rays of radiation down to Earth; changing humanity forever. Super powers, apocalyptic themes, and more; Solaris delivers new concepts with the familiar super hero feel.

Here is the newly released first episode.

William Shewfelt (Power Rangers Ninja Steel) stars as humanity’s reluctant savior, Ethan Mace; soon to be known as “Solaris”. On top of the world’s surface being scorched; more super powered beings known as “Cosmics” begin popping up and Earth begins drastically changing as we know it. 

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The series also brings Dominique Barrett (King Vader) as the series main villain, the mysterious “Cosmic Killer”, along with Colin K. Bass (Reverse Flash: Origins) as the friend turned enemy “Ben Cooper”.

Newcomers Laila Salvador and Ashley Kay make their debut in the main cast as two mysterious characters who are inevitably going to become cosmics themselves.

This series is produced by Nerdbot Media. Episode 2 is currently in pre-production.

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