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KFC Rolls Out New Self-Driving Food Cars in China

You know those little tiny Amazon delivery robots you see around sometimes? I see them quite often where I live, but you know what I would love to see even more? These KFC delivery cars that you can grab dinner or lunch from without seeing or talking to anyone. In China KFC has rolled out a new system for getting people to eat their food. And that’s incredibly socially distanced vehicles that require no human contact.

All you need is hands and a QR code. When you pay the little door opens up and you grab your food. Kind of like how the newspaper stands unlock after you put money in, only this one you don’t even have to touch.

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Puuaru(translated) on Twitter states that they’ve seen these cars in the morning and noon hours roaming around. They haven’t seen them in the afternoon so they can’t confirm that they are available then. But they are around just in time for lunch when hungry people are just leaving the office. Or perhaps they forgot to wake up in time to make lunch for later, then they can grab a bag on the way in.

This is pretty neat and to be honest I wish we had these in America. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time until we see these little self driven vehicles out on the roads.

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