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Box Lunch Has a New Sailor Moon Cosplay Outfit For Toddlers

Boxlunch has been a distributer for Moonie merch for a long time and there is always something I need. Recently I noticed they started selling Sailor Moon shirts for kids and was pretty stoked on it. And now I’ve just come across a crazy awesome toddler cosplay outfit for Sailor Moon.

Box Lunch

Ok this is one of those times I’m a little jealous. Sure I just had a kid and I could buy one for when she grows into it. But I had to hand make my first daughter’s Sailor Moon costume and truthfully, it did not come out as nice looking as this one. I give so much credit to cosplayers who can make and sew their outfits to be absolutely perfect. But I’m not one of them and just don’t have the time to refine my craft. If I had this option three years ago, this is the route I would have gone for sure.

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Plus if you factor in the cost of materials, if you want nice materials it probably costs less to go this route. The outfit retails for $28.90 and while some moms are amazing at making things, it’s very hard to carve out time to do it. Especially with younger kids which these outfits fit. They fit sizes 2T – 5T which is a great time to introduce your kid to Sailor Moon in the first place. I’d be willing to shell out that much just for peace of mind. Bonus points for it looking super easy to put on the kid.

Box Lunch

Sailor Moon Says: You can check out the listing by clicking the link here or clicking on one of the pictures above.

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