Where Cinema Goes, Gaming Follows: An Obsession with Our Modern Myth

The fact that gaming is now going full throttle into superhero titles follows the industry’s long trend of drawing from mythology. Of course, usually, it’s ancient mythologies that are used to inspire games.

Greek mythology-themed Titan Quest, originally released in 2006, is still popular today, being revived for the Android app market a few years ago. Online casino platforms around the world also see mythological themes still gaining instant popularity: amidst the many online casinos for Indian players, as an example, Norse mythology-themed titles often make the headlines. Players in that country can head to ComeOn, Pure Casino or Karamba to play Asgardian Stones, a game that harnesses the heroes of the ancient tales, such as Thor. Welcome bonuses and free spins are naturally enticing, but such games also draw players in with their modern takes on recognizable myths.

There is another franchise that has dipped into mobile and casino gaming that perfectly showcases the everlasting obsession with myth: Tomb Raider. Featuring Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider games have explored the mythologies and folklore of the Mayans, Egyptians, Celts, and Aztecs, as well as Hinduism. Tomb Raider has also incorporated the myths of China, Greece, and Japan, among others. Despite having run since 1996, the 20-plus title series continues to sell very well.

Game developers of all platforms have long drawn from mythologies, but now they have an even richer source of lore, with our modern mythological heroes being brought to life on the big screen.

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