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Build-A-Bear Announces New “The Mandalorian” Collection!

If you couldn’t get enough of Disney+ “Star Wars” spinoff series “The Mandalorian,” we’ve got some good news for you. Well….if you also like teddybears and various plush buddies in your spaceship. Build-A-Bear has revealed their new collection based on The Mando and The Child, aka Baby Yoda during this week’s Mando Monday!

The Child, aka Baby Yoda

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This lil guy is the baseline model for the line, you can read about him here.

There is also this one– which plays that great theme song for “The Mandalorian.”

This one, which not only plays the theme song, but 5 different sound effects.

And of course this one- The Child with his sippy cup and frog snack.

The Mandalorian

LOOKIT HOW CUTE HE IS! And he plays the theme song!

The Child’s Pram

If you buy The Child, you’ll have to also pick up the pram, so he’ll have a nice place to sleep while The Mando is doing….mando things.

Ahoska Tano Bear

While not strictly “The Mandalorian,” this bear certainly does confirm the longstanding theory that Jedi Knight Ahoska Tano will be appearing at some point in the Disney+ series.

You can also scroll through and check out the various outfit and accessory options that were announced here.

The Mandalorian” is available for streaming, only on Disney+.

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