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Microsoft Unveils Xbox Mandalorian Controller with Baby Yoda

This is the way. Yesterday, Microsoft showed off a sweet new wireless Xbox controller and Xbox charging stand set on Twitter. This new set comes as part of Microsoft’s collaboration with Disney ahead of “The Mandalorian” season two. If you love the Mandalorian and his adorable little green companion, then Microsoft may have the controller for you.

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This special set looks exactly like the Mandalorian’s armor. Each armor panel is weathered and scratched up from years of gathering bounties. Additionally, you can see iconography from the Mandalorian on the handles of the controller. If that’s not enough, the front of the charger stand proudly displays a Mandalorian helmet logo. Thieves beware, Mandalorians will show no mercy to those that steal their property. If you flip the controller over, you will find that the rechargeable battery cover doubles as an Imperial wanted poster for The Child. After all, a true Mandalorian piece needs your little green companion by your side.

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Noticeably, there is no share button on this controller. That’s because it is a Xbox One generation controller, not the revised controller that came with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This also means that the controller does not have the redesigned D-pad or textured triggers. However, the controller will still work with the new consoles perfectly fine.

You’ll want to have your credits saved up for this one. “The Mandalorian” special controller set comes in at a whopping $169.99. Currently, the set is out of stock. However, make sure to keep checking on the Microsoft store as frequently as you can. It’s very possible that Microsoft will offer up more of these masterpieces to meet the demand. May the road ahead bring you plentiful bounties and an adorable Baby Yoda to keep you company.

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