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This Concealable NES Flask Cartridge is Great for Retro Game Lovers

Want to party like they did back in the 80’s? Well now you can get one of these themed NES classic cartridges and fill them up with your favorite booze. They each have a cool design that alters the original like “Drunk Hunt” for Duck Hunt and many others.


Now what I’m imagining in particular is a get together for a retro game night and someone saying they brought some classic games. Pulling one of these out and pouring shots for everyone as they que up for some Rad Racer.

The Listing says:

Outside of being a nerdy little way to be sneaky, fill up the Flask with your favorite drink to take on the go (or chocolate milk because someone must drive your buddies home!).

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Ink Whiskey has designed this very product, a functional drinking flask in the shape of your favorite retro gaming system. Designed and built to look just like a Nintendo Cartridge using the same specifications and labeling as the original games. Each flask has a leak-proof rubber plug to ensure no drips or spills. Each NES cartridge flask comes with its own roll-able funnel! So, you can sneak liquor anywhere!

Created by Nintendo gamers for Nintendo fans! we’ve created some awesome alcohol-themed parody art labels of some popular classic video games that we all know and love. There is nothing cooler than a drinking flask that looks like an old 8-bit game.

Perfect gift or memorabilia item for the gamer, geek, 80’s lover, or drink connoisseur in your life. This old school, original 4.25 oz. flask is based on the classic Nintendo games such as Final Fantasy, Duck Hunt, Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda and more. SHOW THIS OFF – Turn your friend’s heads and impress with this unique, one of a kind, flask. There is absolutely NOTHING else like this out there!

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