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Report: Michael B. Jordan May Possibly Direct “Creed 3” for MGM

We are absolutely delighted to share the news that Michael B. Jordan is stepping back into the ring for “Creed 3,” AND, that he might be adding another title to his already impressive resume.

According to Deadline (who totally buried the lede in their “No Time To Die” piece), Jordan is considering taking on the mantle of director for the third “Rocky” offshoot film. The line as it reads in their piece:

But many feel MGM and the Bond franchise would likely be better served hanging in. While MGM is working on a Creed sequel that Michael B Jordan is considering to direct, and a new creative team is aggressively building a promising slate, Bond remains MGM’s crown jewel.

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We would absolutely LOVE to see Michael B. Jordan direct.

And, if all goes well, maybe that’s something he’d consider doing for Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming live-action “Static Shock” film that he’s going to be executive producing?

We’ll let you know what we hear about this and other projects.

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