Gold Bubble Clothing Launches Galactic Heads + Tails Leggings Collection

We love our friends over at Gold Bubble Clothing, and no, we don’t get anything to say that. Launched a few years ago by Victoria and Jin Yo, the company caters to fans of artistic, nerdy options for high quality printed spandex items like leggings, dresses, tunics, and more.

Gold Bubble’s newest line, dubbed Heads + Tails, features beautiful designs “Star Wars” fans will no doubt recognize!

Victoria models 4 of 6 designs from the Heads + Tails collection, Gold Bubble Clothing

Shoto Leggings

A long time ago in a land far, far away…

Edo period Japan, to be exact…

it was the singular privilege of the noble class of samurai, to carry two swords: the Daito and the Shoto. Only warriors of uncommon skill could use two swords in combat. The Shoto was the shorter of the two swords, but a weapon of great value.”

You can check out the listing on Gold Bubble’s website here.

Daito Leggings

Check the Daito design out here.

Fang Leggings

Are you ready to live your legacy?

Unleash your primal strength to overcome strife and malady, and rise above ruin, with the tattoo-like markings of Fang!

You can check out the Fang listing here.

Juno Leggings

A goddess, a protector, a spectre, Juno flies among the stars like a ghost.

This is the perfect look when you want to embody your inner goddess, and lead your crew through dangers unscathed!

You can check out the Juno listing here.

Radiant Leggings

The Radiant one is first seen in Twilight, but soon her brightness grows. This is the look you seek, for when you must be Resolute, a beacon to those you lead.

You can check out the Radiant listing here.

Radiant Swirls Variant Leggings

Check the Radiant Swirls variant leggings out here.

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