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These Ambiance Lamps are Made Out of Actual Bread!!

Do you love bread? I mean really LOVE bread? Well then I’ve found just the lamp for you and your kitchen, bedroom, or wherever else you may need a light. Uncommon Goods is selling some very unique lamps made by Yukiko Morita, which are baked and then treated and made into lamps.

The Baguette has an electrical outlet while an AA battery is required for Croissant & Dinner Roll.

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Rodin worked in clay. Michelangelo dabbled in marble. Maker Yukiko Morita uses flour, salt, and yeast. That’s right—she makes her lamps out of actual bread. After carefully carving out baked goods’ insides, Yukiko installs LED strips and then reassembles each pastry with an epoxy resin to maintain its oven-kissed golden hue and ensure that it will never go “bad.” Choose your favorite style (baguette, croissant, or dinner roll) or bring all three home to experience these illuminating one-of-a-kind creations. But please don’t attempt to eat the art. Baked and hand-assembled in Japan.

These lamps are selling from anywhere between $75.00 – $259.00. Due to them being handmade, they are all different, and have different personalities. For me, nothing is better than a unique conversation piece. Some people have house hippos, others have bread lamps.

You can check out the listing by clicking the link here.

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