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5-Year-Old Donates “The Mandalorian” Baby Yoda Plushie to Oregon Firefighters

Usually when you think of a firefighting companion you think of a Dalmatian or a rescue dog. But in this instance, a donated “The Mandalorian” Baby Yoda plushie is helping some very thankful firefighters do their job.

Baby Yoda Fights Fires Facebook Page

The doll was donated by five-year-old Carver who sent a note saying “Thank you fire fighters. Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely.” 

He was out with his grandmother Sasha Tinning with the intent to buy Oregon firefighters supplies and gifts when he thought of the idea.

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The doll now accompanies them on trips when they go to fight fires and has a presence on the “Baby Yoda Fights Fires” Facebook page. They take photos of themselves with the doll going on missions and showing how it helps them through.

“These firefighters are putting their lives on the line,” Tinning said. “To have a little bit of sunshine during such a dark time, I think that’s really special for them. He (Baby Yoda) is also just cute as the dickens… These firefighters are away from their children, their loved ones. This is a little pal that brings a bit of normalcy to a crazy time.”

This is exactly the kind of kindness that we love to see. Both between the little boy and the firefighters. If you know anyone who may deserve a spotlight for doing something kind please email us!

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