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Tye Sheridan is a Gunter: Wants “Ready Player Two” Movie to Happen

So what if the stars align and we get a sequel for “Ready Player One” (the movie)?! We know that Ernie Cline‘s sequel novel, “Ready Player Two,” is due out in November of 2020, so….wouldn’t a Warner Bros. Pictures followup film make sense?

Ready Player One” star Tye Sheridan hopes so.

“I’ve had people asking me questions about, you know, a Ready Player Two. You know, ‘Is there going to be sequel?’ And I think everybody’s well aware that Ernie Cline is releasing a Ready Player Two, the novel. You know, but people keep asking me and I would love to have an answer for you and I think people, you know, will and can speculate all they want, but I don’t really know what the plan is yet. I have my fingers crossed and, of course, I think it’s a great and I loved working on that film, so yeah, I hope, I hope we get to do another.”

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Us too, Tye, us too.

If you’ll recall, Sheridan played main character Wade Watts, aka Parzival, in Steven Spielberg‘s big budget movie. Zak Penn worked on the script with Cline, and it was wonderful to see a story we love so much given the love and respect of a popular release.

[Maybe ComicBook, who did the interview with Sheridan, can double check that the spelled the author’s name properly in their piece. Just a thought.]

We are EXTREMELY excited to get our hands on “Ready Player Two,” and can’t wait to hear Wil Wheaton‘s narration on the follow-up tale.

Waaaaay back in 2012 when reporter Mab interviewed Ernie Cline while he was on his RP1 book tour in his DeLorean.

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