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There’s a Buff Pokémon Coloring Book That We Need to Own Now

Sure you could always opt for a coloring book of curse words or Jason Momoa to get you through the day. Heck there are mandala coloring books that people with infinite amounts of patience seem to love. But if you’re like me you’re going to want to go with something more comedic, simpler and cartoony. You can now get a digital coloring book of buff Pokémon off Etsy and to be honest? I totally already bought one.

The coloring book is with illustrations by Kelly Angel and comes with the following Pokémon:

• Bulbasaur
• Charmander
• Squirtle
• Pikachu
• Magikarp
• Meowth
• Mudkip
• Psyduck
• Slowpoke
• Snorlax

Plus one mystery Pokémon included. Personally I would love to see a ripped Snorlax because we all know that fat turns to muscle when you’re building gains right?

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The book is quite cheap as well so as long as you have a printer at home you can get away with printing it multiple times. Of course this book is for personal use only so if your friends want a copy please tell them to support the artist and buy their own.

Pick up your own copy by clicking the link here! And, happy coloring!

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