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Disney Mash-Up Coloring Pages Are a Great Stress Reliever

Have you ever had one of those work days that leaves you completely exhausted? You feel so drained that you don’t have the mental capacity to focus on Netflix or a video game. Despite this, you don’t want to sit and stare at the wall for hours until you finally go to sleep. Well, how about doing some relaxing coloring? Time will fly by and the most brain power you need to use is deciding which color to put where. Don’t have any coloring books on hand? has you covered with some cool Disney mash-up coloring pages!

The site is offering sixteen coloring pages all starring Disney characters. Eight of these pages are Disney mash-ups with Marvel. Elsa as Scarlet Witch, Belle as Iron Man, or Merida as Hawkeye are just a few of the pages you have to choose from. Not a Marvel fan? Well, the site’s other eight pages star Disney characters in a mash-up with Star Wars. There’s a much shorter Kylo Ren played by Stitch or shy Rose Tico played by the fierce Kida as just a few options. All of the pages are free to download and print on

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Want to know what is even cooler than getting some free coloring pages? Having the chance to win some store cash just for coloring. The site is offering a coloring page sweepstakes now through May 6 at midnight CDT. Simply select your favorite page and get to coloring. Both traditional and digital art are accepted for the contest. Once it is completed, e-mail your piece to [email protected] A winner will be chosen at random on May 8. Make sure to respond by May 12 and you could win $100 in store credits! Enjoy some relaxation and possibly win a sweet reward? I think I know how I plan to spend some of my lazy after work evenings.

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