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Here’s the Best Website for Sailor Moon Coloring Book Pages

When you’re a writer the first thing you want to cover is what you know. And there’s nothing I know better than Sailor Moon. Having been a fan since the mid 90’s I used to scour the internet for pictures and information on the story. Since I lived in America we only ever got part of the story broadcast on TV so I was left to my own devices(like many others) to find out more. Many characters were never introduced to us in the first dubbing of the show. And without the internet we would have never had a chance to meet them. So after becoming on expert on searching for Sailor Moon information I then became an expert at finding Sailor Moon images to draw. Many of these images luckily were coloring pages that I could also print out, trace and get better at line work.

So I figured while we’re all stuck inside during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 aka the COVID-19 shut in, maybe it was time I reveal some of my sources for coloring book images. You know how to google image search I’m sure. But that always leads to finding one you really like and then when you click on it you have to go through several steps to get to where you want to go. If you can even find it at that point.

I’ve been a fan of for YEARS now. They have everything you could ever want. Plus the images are all high resolution meaning you could blow them up as a poster if you wanted to. Which I have because when your broke and want to decorate it’s the best thing you can do.

The way it’s organized couldn’t be more easy to follow either. The sidebar is a list of categories and characters. And when you click on them it leads you to pages of Sailor Moon pages. And now that you know my secret stash of Sailor Moon coloring pages you can enjoy yourself during this period of time, or heck bookmark it forever and enjoy yourself some relaxing Sailor Moon time. They have fifty eight official coloring books scanned, ones you can’t find anymore. They have 1079 images on file, so there is something for everyone. Whenever I have had a Sailor Moon get together in the past I would get a few pages off here and make copies for the attendees. It’s always a big hit to have a coloring station to get the more introverted people to come out of their shells.

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Here’s a few of my personal favorites:

That resource again is:

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