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A New Rideable Pikachu Pokémon Air Toy is Coming!

You know those air filled bouncy toys that you can see at children’s indoor playgrounds? The Pokémon Company is now releasing their own version of the rideable toy. It will be called Pokémon Air. and they will start the line (hopefully they release a bunch) with our dear friend Pikachu.

Official Site

Now sure there are a ton of other more “Rideable” Pokémon if you think about it. Charizard, Rapidash, Ryhorn (famous for the Ryhorn Races) or perhaps a Doduo. But starting off with Pikachu is pretty appropriate seeing that he is by far the front and center of the franchise.

They are marketing this toy for kids to ride on, but if you are a kid at heart then I’d say it’s fair game. Also good news is that the weight limit is about 100kg so that means anyone under 220lbs could easily ride this thing!

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Official Site

If you don’t think you would make use of it by riding it you could also use it for things like an arm rest or a pillow. Or just to add to your growing Pokémon collection.

It’s going to be released in Japan to start but hopefully we will be able to find imports of it soon on Ebay and other Japanese retailers here in the states.

They are selling it for about $70 US, and you can find it on the official website by clicking the link here.

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