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Reese’s Rumored to be Launching a New Peanut Butter Cup with Potato Chips

According to @Junkfoodleaks on Instagram we’re going to be able to see a different kind of Reese’s peanut butter cup very soon. They’ve meshed the regular big cup and stuffed it with potato chips! That means you will be able to enjoy your sweet and salty variation on this classic treat.

There’s not a date for when this will become available but Junkfoodleaks_ says that it will be soon. Hopefully nearer to Halloween when candy becomes more abundant.

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“Anyway, this creation, which will be available soon I believe, is pretty spot-on and WELL worth it if you like salty,” the caption reads. “It’s too small of a chip ratio to really get as much as you’d need. What would be better is one big chip in the center of the cup. Other than that, it’s cool — and it’s good; but I’m definitely not selecting this instead of the classic one.”

@Junkfoodleaks_ was also responsible for leaking other upcoming candies like  M&M’s Fudge Brownie, Kit Kat Birthday Cake, and Nerds Gummy Clusters, so we’re pretty sure that this is happening. Get ready for a new peanut butter cup with some crunch!

We’re going to be keeping our eyes on the news for this one, and looking in stores until we find it. If you see them in the wild please email us and let us know where they can be found so that we can update this article!

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