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This Adjustable Scorpion Chair is the Perfect Workspace

No matter how comfortable you think you are at your workspace you’re going to want to check this out. Cluvens has now made an adjustable scorpion chair that you can use to find the perfect position. Either for writing, editing, or just immersing yourself in a game or a movie.


This thing is pretty massive though so unless you have a big house it may be hard to find space. Of course we’re talking an entire set up so you’d probably have to get rid of the desk you were once using and just have this. The only flaw I can see is that there’s no cup holder.

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This is being shipped from China in a giant crate and will run you about $2,000 which I assume is without the cost of shipping. You can check out the listing for it on by clicking the link here.

If you end up getting this please email us and send us a picture! We’d love to see you’re set up!

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