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These Skull Charcoals Are Perfect for a Spooky Fire Pit!

Ready to bring in the Fall season? I know I’m ready for some nice cool weather after that last heatwave. And one thing that I love to do is sit around the fire pit with a bunch of OFF! sprayed on me and roast some marshmallows. Now you can help to spookify your fire pit with some extra cool skull charcoals found on Etsy.


For barbecue and grill lovers. These very original charcoals are delivered with a nice box and foam protections. We did our best so you can enjoy the best time with these incredible charcoals briquettes.Use them in your barbecue, spitfire or fireplace, they are produced in order not to make any smoke.

The effect while burning is extremely sensational.
Simply blow on the skulls will make them turn fiery red in the dark…

Exceptional effects at night. They are the best friends of our gothic friends, metal music lover, halloween decoration fans, skull and skeletons, bones addicts,…
Perfect gift for him, gift for her, for you, for boyfriend or original gift for change 😉
Some will also look like pirates skull with little scars
~The Skullforshisha Team

9 skull charcoals for barbecue, fire pit, brazier, fireplace lovers.
Size of a skull 7,6 x 4,6 x 6 cm (3 x 1,8 x 2,3 inches).

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Now initially I was going to write about some I found on Amazon but since those are now going for a crazy amount of money, I decided to link you to some cool ones on Etsy. Bonus points for supporting small businesses! You can check out the listing here.

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