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Pre-Orders for a 24k PS5 Can Be Placed Starting This Week

Ever wanted to own something super expensive like a solid gold PS5? Well now’s your chance! Starting September 10th, people will be able to place pre-orders for a custom, 24 karat gold Playstation 5. And it only costs you… $10,400 USD. What a deal?!

These pieces will be limited edition with only 250 pieces made per model/finish. The price includes 1 x PS5 Console, 2 x Dualsense Controllers, 1 x 3D Pulse Headset. The Playstation 5 will be presented in a Luxury wooden display box with free worldwide shipping & insurance.

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Now I suppose the big joke here is that we all think it’s going to cost about that much anyway. Well, at least more than any other console we’ve put cash down on before. Analysts are predicting the new console will cost about $500 and that’s just for the console itself.

They are also predicting that the Xbox will outsell this model of Playstation simply for the fact that Xbox will have a cheaper model come out under $300 that will play all the new games. It may not have the same bells and whistles but you still get to play the newest games.

If you’re interested in picking up one of these custom consoles you can by going here.

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