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“Dragon Age 4” First Look: Bioware Debuts Intriguing New BTS Teaser

Since the release of “Dragon Age Inquisition” in late 2014, we’ve been waiting for news on its sequel. In the six years since “Inquisition” hit us with that post-game twist, information on the fourth entry in EA’s popular fantasy RPG franchise has been scarce. Even the mere existence of the game wasn’t confirmed for years. However, at Gamescom Opening Night this week, Bioware dropped a behind-the-scenes teaser trailer for “Dragon Age 4“.

According to Bioware general manager Casey Hudson, the game is “still in early production”. But the teaser offers more of a glimpse into the game than we’ve gotten so far. The video features concept art, game engine footage, and Bioware staff gushing about a game they still can’t be very specific about. Patrick Weekes, lead writer for the game, gives a bit of insight into the overarching story concept. He states, “For [“Dragon Age 4“], we want to tell a story of what happens when you don’t have power; what happens when the people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues.”

You can see the trailer for yourself below.

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Long-time fans of the series may notice some familiar faces from past entries. A man who appears to be Dorian Pavus dodges arrows underwater in one particularly vibrant art scene. We also see the return of the Qunari, and hear a Grey Warden. But perhaps most importantly, Solas (a.k.a. The Dread Wolf) steals the show. We see concept art, character models, and even an appearance from his voice actor, Gareth David-Lloyd. Check out some of the art featured in the trailer!

  • New archer concept art
  • Solas, The Dread Wolf
  • A Dwarven hall, in-game
  • Hover ships?
  • Angry face Solas
  • Hey look! Qunari!
  • Underwater with Dorian

Personally, I’m hoping for at least a cameo from characters like Varric Tethras, Merrill, Iron Bull, and Blackwall. Whether or not we’ll see series mainstays Morrigan and Flemeth remains to be seen, but this teaser opens up a wealth of opportunities for discussion and speculation. Here’s hoping we hear more about Dragon Age 4 soon!

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