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Hey Let’s Go! With These Totoro Family Car Decals

Family car decals are always something that catches my eye. Whether it be dinosaurs, zombies, Disney or stick figures it’s always fun to count how many people are in a family. And now for people who love Studio Ghibli they have these cute Totoro family decals!

AlbinStudio on Etsy has these available in three different sizes. You can choose from Small: 20cm*9.2cm, Medium: 30cm*13.8cm, or Large: 40cm*18.4cm.

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This is the cutest family decal thing I’ve personally ever seen, but we’re also big Totoro fans over here. In fact I spaced out my kids to be the same age difference as Sasuke and Mei. Not exactly on purpose but it did end up turning out that way.

Studio Ghibli

You can check out the listing for the car decals by clicking the link here.

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