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“Pokémon GO” Community Day Voting Results Are in!

Over the weekend, Niantic gave players an opportunity to decide the next community day Pokémon. Community days are special events once a month in “Pokémon GO” where a Pokémon spawns very frequently for a few hours. During the event, players have a much higher chance of encountering a shiny version of the particular Pokémon. For September and October’s community days, Niantic allowed players to decide by voting on a poll available on Twitter for 24 hours.

The poll went live on August 22 and gave players four Pokemon to choose from: Caterpie, Charmander, Porygon and Grimer. September’s community day Pokemon would be the winner of the poll, while October’s would be the runner-up. Niantic also revealed what event-exclusive moves each Pokemon would learn if evolved during the event. This could help players decide which Pokemon to vote for if they were really torn between two.

The special moves are as follows:

Caterpie- Hurricane

Keep Going!
1 of 490

Charmander- Dragon Breath

Proygon- Tri Attack

Grimer- Fire Punch

Today, Niantic announced the winners of the poll to be Porygon and Charmander. Porygon received the most votes and will be the community day Pokemon for September 20th. As the runner-up, Charmander will be the community day Pokémon for October 17th.

Interestingly, this is not Charmander’s first time as a community day event Pokémon. All of the Kanto starters received their own community days early in Pokémon GO. However, if you did not play “Pokémon GO” early on you may have missed your chance at Charmander’s shiny form. So, this return to community day is a great opportunity for players who joined the game later on.

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