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Disneyland’s Strange History- “Live From the Space Stage: A HALYX Story”

Every so often, a piece of Disneyland history so out there, so absolutely insane, makes a resurgence on the internet. No, we’re not talking about Captain EO, but this is pretty close? Early this morning, we were enjoying a leisurely stroll down Twitter lane, when THIS popped up- “Live From the Space Stage: A HALYX Story.”

In the summer of 1981, a Star Wars-adjacent KIϟϟ-inspired band rocked the Space Stage in Tomorrowland at Disneyland, and that is just the start of the story. Live from the Space Stage: A Halyx Story is a feature documentary on one of the most bizarre and obscure bands ever to perform, and the fascinating story of the people making it happen behind the scenes.

Luckily for all of us, a group of people put together a documentary about Halyx, and used IndieGoGo to fund the project. The result? An hour and half doc about this crazy piece of Disneyland history, which you can watch for free on YouTube.

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