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He-Man is Coming to a Tabletop Near You in Legends of Grayskull!

“By the Power of Grayskull….I HAVE THE POWER!” Every kid of my generation wanted the chance to say those words – and now we may get that chance. Mattel announced Legends of Grayskull, a brand new tabletop RPG set in the world of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, at Power Con this morning.


It’s being made by Fandom, the owners of D&D Beyond, as well as most of the wikipedia pages you use to look up obscure “Star Trek” trivia.

You can see the official announcement trailer here, or scroll down.

“”Fans will be able to play as familiar Masters of the Universe characters, use those characters as a base and customize to their desire, or create entirely new heroes or villains. The recent Masters of the Multiverse comic series reinforced that there are many Eternias and many versions of He-Man and his allies or Skeletor’s forces, as well as new and diverse champions of Grayskull protecting their own Eternias. Legends of Grayskull will embrace the diversity of the multiverse and leave creativity wide open for fans to find the power in the ways they want.” 

Fandom VP of Tabletop Adam Bradford, speaking to

The RPG will use the Cortex system, which has been used for quite a few licensed games over the years, including Smallville, Leverage, and the recent Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game. It was also used to power the excellent online actual play show, Callisto 6.

The system matches your hero’s particular “traits”, things like strength and dexterity, with individual dice. For example, He-man may have a D12 to roll for strength, while Orko might only roll a D4. As you level up, the dice size you roll gets bigger, so you might begin as Cringer and end up as Battle Cat.

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Fandom is also promising to have systems for the legendary weapons of Eternia and Etheria, like the Sword of Power and the Sword of Protection. Both of those weapons will be available to players, but you will also be able to access other weapons from throughout the multiverse that can access Grayskull’s power. In the example below, Beast-man uses one of these weapons to become He-Beast – which is…certainly a name they chose.

Image credit: Fandom

We’ve always believed that Eternia, with its toyetic combination of technology and magic, would be an excellent setting for a roleplaying game, so we can’t wait for this.

You’ll be able to get your hands on Legends of Grayskull in 2021, and you can sign up to get updates at the official Legends of Grayskull website here.

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