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“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” Update Adds Fireworks, Dreams and More

A new update has arrived in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and with it a ton of summer fun! Update 1.4.0 is now live and adds some great quality of life features along with bonus content.

First and foremost, back-up saves now exist in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” That’s right, you no longer have to live with the existential dread of knowing you could lose or damage your Switch and lose your island forever. However, these saves do not work the same way as cloud saves for most other Nintendo Switch titles. Instead, the game will periodically update at random times and back up your island to Nintendo’s servers. You can’t retrieve these saves at any random time though. According to the official press release, Nintendo will only allow you to retrieve these saves through Nintendo support if your Switch is broken or stolen. Additionally, this feature is only available to those with active Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions.

Screenshot Credit: Nintendo

Along with this quality of life feature, the new update also brings players a firework display event. Every Sunday of August, fireworks will light up the sky of your island starting at 7 PM. You can customize these firework displays to show off your own unique style. Redd will have a raffle at these events and you will unlock some cool new recipes. For instance, players can make some fashionable headbands with glowing stars on them. You’ll even get your own sparklers!

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Screenshot Credit: Nintendo

If that’s not enough, the update also reintroduces Luna to the franchise. Luna will allow you to visit other islands through your villager’s dreams. Unlike normal island visits, you will be able to alter these islands as much as you like. After all, what happens in your dreams has no real consequences. You’ll also be able to register your own island with a dream address so others can visit it!

To join in on all the fun, make sure your game is fully updated. When you log in, you will find two letters in your inbox with attachments. One is a fireworks show wall and the other is Luna’s bed. Hold onto Luna’s bed as you need it to access dreams. Enjoy all of the summer fun as you continue building your five star island!

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