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Check Out This Bionic Armored T-Rex Costume You Can Buy!

If there was anything I wanted in life it would definitely be this. Well to be clear anything dinosaur related. But this one tops the list. Now you can buy this bionic armored T-Rex costume off of Etsy and tbh… life goals.

Once your gig this 6 meters giant armored bionic skin T-Rex costume your visitors will encounter the more powerful T-Rex than any monster previously. This adult-size Alpha rex suit has a rare and elusive clownfish skin that has light armor on its head, neck, spine. What’s more of this Dino costume equipped with mounted Gatling guns with safe water bullets and nerf gun load with soft sponge bullets. this T-Rex suit is armed to the teeth with weaponry. Inside of the Dinosaur suit, you need to wear 40cm tall stilts to walk. you can press and hold the shooting button to make your Gatling guns firing, work the tamed T-rex to attack your prey. like a kids dream come true, Look at this crazy beastly badass Tyranosaurus costume, you can have many attacks, guns, and mini rockets. also, the T-Rex can spray smoke and has red lighting eyes. Tame your own T-Rex warrior start your beast battle.

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This thing is massive! But it ships free? So that’s good. If you can afford the low low price of $7,590.00 then it can be yours! What’s the cost of a dream really when it comes down to it. You can check out the listing by clicking the link here.

What could you do with this Nerf gun shooting Dino? Well probably keep it in your garage, get drunk and take it out on weekends. I mean that’s what anyone would do right? No, just me? Well fine.. Either that or create a really poorly done shot on home video film with a trashy script of a dinosaur falling in love with a cat. But the cat is terrified of it and has to overcome it’s differences. Eventually riding on the back of this into the sunset.

Tell us how you would play with this thing in the comments! I’d love to hear your ideas!

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