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The Last Blockbuster is Selling Merch to Keep it’s Doors Open

This pandemic has hit us hard but even before that rental places were suffering. Starting when Netflix popped up many tried to adapt and have their own shipping service for discs which you could then return to your local store. Now it appears as if “The Last Blockbuster” is trying a new method to keep us interested in the brand. As if nostalgia wasn’t enough you may want to get a few of these clothing items before they disappear forever.

The Last Blockbuster

You can even get your very own laminated membership card for $2.00 that would be a cool gift at least for a stocking stuffer if you know someone who misses Blockbuster. That is if they haven’t hung onto their old card anyway. I know my husband still has his gold membership in his wallet, you know… just in case.

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If you want to check out everything on their site you can click the link here. There are a lot of good things like sweatpants and a sweater. I know that I would wear that hoodie a million times over in the winter. Just because I used to work there. Those were some good times..

Do you have any fond memories of Blockbuster? Tell us in the comments!

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