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Limited Edition “Friday the 13th” Nikes are Coming for You!

Probably don’t wear these if you’re in Crystal Lake. One, they will get muddy, and two- you might wear them out from running from our good friend Jason Voorhees from “Friday the 13th.”

Created by Artist and Designer Warren Lotas, these shoes will be limited to only 2,000 pairs. They will start selling on his website August 2nd at 2PM pst/5PM est and will run you $300 a pair. These will sell out fast so if you want to grab a pair you better set an alarm on your phone.

Warren Lotas
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The shoes themselves are Nike Lowdunks and the swoosh logo is made to look like his mask. The color green is meant to represent the forest and the red laces? Well you know how that movie goes right?

While you will be able to order these on Sunday August 2nd, don’t expect them to ship out until September. If by chance they don’t get to you by October 15th, Warren Lotas has committed to giving buyers $100 back and the shoes.
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