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League of Legends and Elo Hell

League of Legends has quickly risen to become one of the most popular video games in existence. The complexity of the levels and characters is truly unrivaled, and it’s not hard to see why so many people enjoy playing the game. 

Most people, when playing a game, strive to be the best; whether to impress your friends with your superior rank, intimidate your enemies, or even just for your own satisfaction. Because of the complexity of League of Legends, it can be near impossible for the average person to advance ranks and become one of the top players of the game. As League of Legends continues to rise in popularity, having a high rank in the game becomes more and more desirable.  

Did you know that there are currently 148 champions in League of Legends? Or that there are 9 ranks, which increase exponentially in difficulty level) If you were to play League of Legends every single day, it would still take you quite a while to advance to the top rank. Even if you’re an extremely skilled player, it can be difficult to advance due to Elo hell. 

What is Elo Hell?

Elo hell can be simply described as such: a skilled player who struggles to advance in the game because his teammates are not as skilled. To get into the technicalities, “ELO” refers to Arpad Elo, a professor who created a skill-based ranking system that is often applied to video games. The origin of the word isn’t important here though, what is important is how Elo hell plays into League of Legends. 

Elo hell is a very apt name for this phenomenon; once you get sucked into it, it feels like you cannot get out, and as you try to play more games to advance your rank, you are constantly matched with unskilled players. This affects a lot of players who might otherwise have moved on to be top-ranked. One of the most appealing aspects of League of Legends is it’s diverse and complex multiplayer modes. Most players enjoy playing multiplayer, whether with their own friends or with random strangers. 

This is where Elo hell comes in. Often a skilled player will repeatedly be matched with inferior players. If you’ve spent a lot of time playing League of Legends, you have more than likely been the teammate of a player who was noticeably less-skilled than you. Another common problem is when your good friends are less skilled than you at the game. 

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You obviously want to continue playing with them because they’re your friends, but they can sometimes drag down your rank and account statistics. At this point, you’re probably wondering, “how can I continue to enjoy playing League of Legends with other players, but not have to suffer elo hell?” We have a solution for you that can answer all of these questions. 

What is League of Legends Boosting?

Boosting refers to the process of another high-ranked player playing with you to help better your stats and progress in the game. When you order a boosting service, you won’t have to worry about ELO hell. 

If you decide to use LoL Services you will be matched with a League of Legends expert who is very high-ranked. You can specify how many matches or for how long you would like to use the boosting service, and therefore you can raise your rank as high as you want it to be. After you’ve used our boosting service to increase your rank, you can go back to enjoying your superior status in the game. 

You can brag to your friends, and again intimidate your enemies. And if you happen to fall into Elo hell again, whether it be with strangers or with your friends, you won’t have to worry about your rank; you can simply order another boosting session from us and enjoy the benefits. 

Our boosters are carefully selected and must prove their superior skill to us before being chosen. This way, we can ensure that they will be equipped to help you advance in the game. The boosters we select are truly dedicated to the game, and that will be apparent in their efforts to help you advance. 

We know how difficult League of Legends can be, and we know how frustrating it is to be burdened with Elo hell, so we strive to make our services as affordable and simple as possible. 

The whole process is very straightforward, and you won’t regret it. If you have ever had difficulty progressing in League of Legends, or ever experienced Elo hell, contact us now to obtain the necessary boosting services to up your game to the next level. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can help you.

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