These Star Wars Shelves Will Take Your Kids Room to Another World

I wrote recently about some amazing shelves by PurplePollen on Etsy and while browsing their selection I came across the most adorable Star Wars shelves. Previously I mentioned the best way to get your kids into your world of fandom was by osmosis. Or basically keeping them surrounded with things you love so they feel like home when they get older. Something for them to fall back on when they are homesick or feeling nostalgic. Well for those of us that love Star Wars I’ve just found the cutest shelves that you could ever put into your kids nursery or room.

Starting out with my favorite two of the bunch they have these adorable little droids. BB8 and R2D2 that are made to look cutesy and fit right in with the rest of the decor for a young child. Check out the listing for these by clicking here.


The reason I chose these second, the ones with the Stormtrooper and Darth Vader is not because they are the “Empire”. But instead they have more face like features and it could scare a younger kid. I had this whole thing with a poster of poppy from Trolls happen and now my daughter thinks all trolls are creepy. So it’s not that far off to think that these shelves could cause nightmares. They are however done cutesy enough that you’d probably be safe to put them in your kids room. Because not all kids get weirded out by staring faces. Plus these are helmets so technically not really a face? Check out the listing for these by clicking here.


Yeah looking at those a second time they are more shapes than scary faces. And they definitely don’t have creepy glowy eyes like that poster.

If you want to check out some more cute things Star Wars related to kids rooms they also have really cute books on Amazon about Star Wars lore. I recommend them to get your kids into the story early and so when you show them the films they kind of know what’s going on.

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