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Say ‘Space Ghetto’ With a Scottish Accent. Go Ahead, We’ll Wait.

Remember when there was an entire internet debate about whether you were hearing the word Yanny or Laurel? And who could forget The Dress argument that raged for weeks. Well there are lots of other things that can get misheard especially when you apply an accent.

Thanks to Nerdbot’s love of weird things, we’ve learned that one of the silliest things that can be said in a Scottish accent sounds suspiciously like Spice Girl. And there’s no going back after this.

So this video may be a few years old by now but that doesn’t mean it’s not seared into our brains. Now whenever we cover Spice Girls you can bet that I will be hearing “Space Ghetto” inside my brain. Thanks team… Anyway it’s something that’s still hard for people to differentiate even listening closely to the pronunciation.

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I mean you can slightly hear the rolling R but that’s about it. Admittedly the more you hear it the more it sounds like Space Ghetto but now I just think that Spice Girls are “Space Ghetto” and I mean, the aesthetics not that far off is it?

Space Ghetto

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