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How to Recover Deleted Games on Windows 10

Ok, so you are a Windows user. Thus, you know that for any of your issues, for example, for accidentally deleted files, you can find plenty of tools to solve it. But let us stop with the deleted files. It is clear what to do if you have deleted documents, images, even audio and video. You just try to undelete files Windows 10 by moving them from the bin to their initial location. If the bin has been emptied, you can use a tool to restore all the needed data.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But what if you have deleted a game? Is there any data recovery software that can undo this action? Games belong to that specific category of files that might be not supported by all tools. Some software might not support the file format while other tools might offer too little volume that can be restored for free.

Disk Drill Can Restore Games

If you need to restore a game from an emptied Recycle Bin, Disk Drill is the most optimal tool to do so. It is easy-to-use for a non-specialist and its functionality is sufficient to perform the most complex restoration tasks.

Installation and Scanning

You can download the tool from its website. Further, follow the instructions to install it. For scanning, do the following:

  • Select the device from which you want to recover lost game files;
  • It is recommended to use on-default recovery option, but if you prefer, you can choose a different option, for example, a deep search or even partition scanning;
  • Now, start the procedure, for that, choose the Search for Lost Data option;
  • When the tool completes the procedure, you will be offered to choose the files to recover; select the games that you need.
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Don’t forget that you have a free data recovery of up to 500 MB. If your game takes more volume, consider buying a paid version.

Haven’t you found your games on the list? There is one more chance to find them. There is a section called Reconstruction. There, you can find the files for which metadata aren’t available. The tool has performed their reconstruction based on the signatures. Your games might be among them. If yes, include them in the procedure to recover deleted files on Windows.

Video Tutorial:

Once the games are found, you need to recover them. For that, click on the option Recover. You will be asked to choose a location for the games. You can choose any but their initial location. In the case if you opt for the initial folder where the games were stored, you will overwrite the data and the games might be lost irreversibly.

More Functionality in a Free Version

Disk Drill is not only a data recovery tool. Even in its free version, you get some premium quality functions. One of them is Recovery Vault. This function helps to protect your games from accidental deletion. The tool creates a backup of the information, and you can recover it whenever you need it.

Disk Drill can recover not only entire files but their partitions. Thus, if you have formatted the file, this tool can still get it back. With Disk Drill, you even get a disk monitoring feature. It helps you to keep the health of your devices at the needed level and avoid accidental deletions of files, including games.

All these and many more options are available for free. The volume limitation is 50 MB which is more than sufficient for home use. If you need the tool for an enterprise, you might consider a paid version.

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