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A Baby Yoda Bop It! You’re Supposed to Punch

So there’s a new toy announcement that we think is pretty weird. A “The Mandalorian” edition of a Bop It! toy might not seem like the worst idea. They’ve made “Star Wars” Bop It! before usually featuring a droid. But this time they decided to use a doll of The Child and you have to punch it to play….

Everyone remembers the scene from the final episode of The Mandalorian season one where the stormtrooper punched the baby. Jason Sudekis was the trooper, and had a great time doing it. But will kids think the same way as they beat up Baby Yoda?!?

How does “The Child” Bop It! Work?

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Well according to /slashfilm, The Mandalorian will give you instructions and you are supposed to execute them on Baby Yoda. This might be cute as a parents teaching tool if they were to make it more focused on taking care of the child. But alas since it’s just good old Bop It! it’s probably a bunch of bopping, hitting, twisting, throwing etc.


But really think of the opportunity missed here. The Mandalorian could say things like bottle, burp, pat back and you’d basically be teaching how to take care of a baby. The new toy is going to be a Walmart Exclusive. It will be available in the Fall.

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