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Disneyland Wants to Send Their Famous Food to Your Home

One thing I truly miss about going to Disneyland is going for dinner. It doesn’t matter if you get a turkey leg or a corn dog- the fact is that you know it’s going to be delicious. Sometimes my family and I would just take our annual passes and go for a meal at Cafe Orleans and that would be our whole trip. But now that they are closed, we are missing out on not only the treats but the atmosphere.

While they can’t send the atmosphere to your home, Disney has been talking about giving people the ability to order food from the parks and have it sent to your home. And that would be a nice thing now that we can’t just hop in the car and get our Disney fix.

The Monte Cristo courtesy Disneyland Resort

Recently Disneyland put out a survey to annual passholders and asked them whether or not home delivery of food items would be something we wanted.

“Disney is always considering new ideas and we’d like to get your opinions about a few of those now,” the Disneyland survey said.

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Others may think this idea is bizzare, but it(to me anyway) is kind of a great idea. They would make a bunch of money on food alone if they were to make it available to everyone. Not just annual passholders. And since the rise in fast food services like Grubhub and Door Dash have exploded during this pandemic it would be a welcome change to the offerings they have currently. There’s only so many times you can order from even your favorite place before it gets boring.

While they only just had the survey it gives us hope that this could one day become available. And maybe even before the parks re-open in Anaheim. Currently the dates you can book a stay for are in Mid July but that could be pushed back. With COVID-19 still a concern and keeping the facility clean and in order they may have to change the dates yet again. And if they can make even a little bit of money off the food to keep them afloat then I will certainly help out by ordering a bunch of it. Because yes, it is the best food ever.

And even though they have been releasing recipes to the public like with their churros and Dole Whips, it’s just not the same.

What do you think of this idea? Would you order from Cafe Orleans for home delivery? Tell us in the comments what your favorite Disney food is!

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