“New Mutants” Get Theatrical Release Date from Disney

If you’ve been following the drama that is “New Mutants,” then you probably won’t be surprised to know that the release date has been changed yet again. Today, Disney announced that we can expect a theatrical release (gasp) THIS YEAR! They are aiming for August 28th, 2020.

The problem with “New Mutants” is that from the start it’s had a really hard time. First there were re-shoots. Then there was pushing and pulling of dates and for a while there we didn’t even know if it would come to theaters. We were expecting it to drop on Hulu or now with Disney owning FOX likely Disney+.

The thing is that it could still go straight to streaming if things don’t look up for theaters, or at least go the way of Universal Studios and release to VOD (Video on Demand) to try and make some money off the film. I know personally I’ve been wanting to watch it but I love anything relating to X-Men. So for now even though we do have a release date we’re going to have to wait and see what happens.

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