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Dad Builds 14-Meter Dinosaur Jungle Gym For His Kids

First of all I just want to say, wow. How cool would it be to have a 14 meter jungle gym shaped like a brontosaurus. This dad has been going viral after a post in Bored Panda where they detailed how he created the structure and had a brief interview with him. And it’s no surprise to any of the big kids at heart out there. I mean check out this massively awesome play structure!

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Here it is close to complete. This was done just for fun. This is my backyard for my kids. This was not a paying project. I did it with a lot of planning and scraps hoarded over a decade knowing this was in the future list of projects.

It starts with a lot of structural steel with wood that is just for shape

Fat bastard for scale. This wound up at 48’ long

Foam and chicken wire. Just for shape

My bro, he was the largest chunk of help getting this done

Keep Going!
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Now the structural stuff. Lots of carbon integrated into the fiberglass/epoxy construction.

This is where it becomes structural. Lots of Kevlar integrated into the tail as well. Setting it up so the tail is string enough for swings

Final color and texture is also a home made clay in epoxy and ceramic fillers for longevity.

Ready for the final touches. The post goes on to detail that he needed a crane to be able to transport and lift the structure into place.

There are a lot more images he’s uploaded to Imgur where you can see the tail has swings attached. There’s also a side for rock climbing and one with a net you can climb up. There’s a slide with LED lights built in and the whole thing is absolutely breathtaking at night.

I just remember visiting the dinosaurs on the side of the freeway. The ones called the Cabazon dinosaurs that held the gift shops. I’m not sure if they are still there but that was an experience I’ll never forget seeing. And these kids are going to have some amazing playdates in the future.

All images from Thecauseman hosted on Imgur.

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