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Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers are What Your Garden is Missing

With plenty of time in hand during quarantine, many of us are taking the time to redecorate our gardens. If you are looking for a unique touch for your garden, these Strawberry Blonde Sunflower Seeds might be it!

strawberry blonde sunflower seeds
Source: Etsy
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With the bewitching shades of yellow, pink, and burgundy, these beauties look just like mini sunsets. The ruby red color surrounds the dark disk and fades into a lemony yellow color as it moves further away from the center.

Growing sunflowers in gardens have been popular lately. This is probably because of the flower’s vibrant color and astounding nature of following the movement of the sun. There are over 70 different types of sunflowers, but these stunning Strawberry Blondes are standing out for representing a breathtaking scenery of sunset.
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The seeds are available on Etsy in packs of 15 for just $3.00. Now is the perfect time to order and plant them so that they bloom just in time for summer!

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