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Vin Diesel Confirms Riddick 4 is Happening, Script Nearly Finished

Vin Diesel seems to attach himself to projects that have surprising longevity. No one would have guessed that The Fast and Furious would turn into a billion dollar franchise or that the indie sleeper hit Pitch Black would result in an expanded universe trilogy. But here we are, and now Vin Diesel has confirmed that Riddick will be returning to the big screen.

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Diesel has been a champion for Riddick projects since the start, lobbying hard at Universal to return to the world bring more of the furyan to theaters. At one point, Diesel had worked out an overall deal with Universal that seemed to put a TV series in development. However, outside of it being named Merc City nothing has come of it yet. This isn’t the the first tease of a new Riddick script from Diesel, as he posted on Instagram around Christmas outlining the future of some of his most famous characters.

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On Friday, Vin took to Instagram to announce that the Riddick new script would be ready next by next week. Diesel wrote, “Happy Furyan Friday…The latest Chronicles of Riddick script comes in next week. GRRR!” The latest installment is currently called Riddick 4: Furya and is said to be an origin story for the famous Furyan. It has been in development since the last installment release in 2013 and it looks like it is finally getting some traction.

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It’ll be an interesting film to keep an eye on. While Pitch Black was set as more of an ensemble outing, Chronicles Of Riddick acted as an expansion of the Universe. The third installment, Riddick set out to blend the previous two films together and even teased more adventures at the films conclusion. I guess the only question left to ask is: Who’s ready to learn how to get eyes like that?

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