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A New Razor “Star Wars” Collab is Here and the Empire Would be Proud

Now I am not big on spending a lot of money for computer parts. Let me explain, what I mean is for a mouse, keyboard, and headset. You know, the after thought things after you have piled a lot of money into the motherboard and the processor. I for one bought a little turtle mouse about 10+ years ago for about $5. Now my husband on the other hand bought a mouse that was $100+ and my little turtle is still going strong, while my husband has since had to replace his mouse.

I am always in the market to buy new things for my computer. Whether it be to upgrade an old part or to just replace the speakers. And as my friends and family know I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars, and when I heard that Razor and Star Wars are collaborating, you bet your sweet bippy I had to take a look!

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Upholding law and order in the Star Wars universe is no easy task. And it is through the dependable stormtrooper that the Galactic Empire maintains its power.
In this same vein comes a line of exclusive Star Wars gaming peripherals inspired by these brave stalwarts—bearing the same hallmarks of reliability and functionality the galaxy has come to respect and admi

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Star Wars Headset - Razer Kraken Stormtrooper™ Edition
Razer Stormtrooper gaming gear goes B&W for Star Wars day - SlashGear
Computer Keyboard - Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtrooper™ Edition

Oh man these look so sweet! And you know what, they don’t match the aesthetic I am going for on my computer. But thanks to them guess what? I HAVE A NEW AESTHETIC! Head on over to the online store here to grab one for yourself today! You deserve it.

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