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The Nintendo Switch Storage Rack Makes Clutter a Thing of the Past

It’s been three years since the Nintendo Switch’s initial release and I still find myself in awe of it. Growing up on systems like the Nintendo 64 and GameBoy, I never imagined a world in which portability could meet a console. Add on customization features such as the colorful array of Joy-Con colors and all of it would have sounded like a sci-fi fantasy to eight year old me. Despite this, I find my Nintendo Switch plagued by one glaring problem that seems to follow every gaming console I possess-clutter. That’s right, all of those game cases, different controllers, and docking station really add up. At one point, I resorted to stuffing everything into a storage cube to pretend that it wasn’t starting to stack up.

I wish I had known about this Nintendo Switch storage rack sooner. This convenient rack really puts in the work to minimize the clutter from Nintendo Switch accessories. It can hold eight game cases, 2 pro controllers, 4 Joy-Con controllers (2 sets), 2 Poke Ball Plus Controllers, 2 Joy-Con grips and even the Switch’s docking station. Best of all, the rack charges all of these accessories for you! A light bar on the front of the station displays six lights for each accessory plugged in. When fully charged, the LED lights will turn blue. Stick your docking station into the bottom of the rack and you can charge your Switch as well! It’s a real life saver for all of us gamers constantly trying to find some extra space for our massive collections. Not to mention, it’s great to know that you will always have some back-up controllers fully charged and ready to go. There’s nothing I hate more than a dead Joy-Con interfering with my grind for tarantulas in Animal Crossing.

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So check out the Nintendo Switch storage rack over on Amazon for yourself. If not for you, it may make for an excellent gift for a Nintendo fan in your life.

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