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This Video of Metalheads Teaching A Little Girl to Mosh is Exactly What We Needed

Someday when the world is right and we can all go outside again concerts will resume. For now we can watch live streams of musicians or revisit old videos of concerts past. And while browsing the net for some good music I came across this video. It’s heartwarming and sends some of those euphoric mom signals to my brain. And it makes me so happy to see people in the metal community giving something to the next generation. Teaching the young ones how to mosh can be a scary thing but everyone in this video made it a safe space for the girl.

It really warms your heart to be able to see something like this. Everyone involved was very considerate of the girl and weren’t too rough. Some even offered their arms as a spring board for her to aim at.

When people go into mosh pits it’s a ride or die situation. But for this girls first time moshing I would say it was just about perfect. They all adjusted to her skill level and accommodated to the situation. Now if only people were this aware of their surroundings at all concerts!

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As a mom I hope that one day when I take my daughter to a concert the crowd will be this accommodating for her. And I hope that in the future the art of moshing lives on through the small ones. That, and skanking. Skanking needs to live on as well.

The Band Playing was Killswitch Engage and the song playing is Disarm the Descent.

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