Comics Writer Donny Cates Pays For Every Pull List At Local Comic Shop

In these days Comic stores are being affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Because buying comics is probably the last thing on everyone’s mind at the moment. So naturally our beloved comic stores are suffering a bit. However one hero has risen from the ashes and has stepped up to the plate, Donny Cates. He walked into Austin Books & Comics and paid off all of the pulls for all the customers. And For those that don’t know what a pull list is… Basically you have a subscription to a series, and whenever a new comic of that series drops it will be placed on hold for you, just don’t be delinquent. Austin Books & Comics posted to their Facebook page.

If you don’t know Donny Cates you probably know his work. Here, Image Comics can explain him better than I can:


Donny Cates is a writer of comic books. His past works include Buzzkill, The Ghost Fleet, The Paybacks, Interceptor, Star Trek, and Atomahawk. He’s currently writing God Country and, like, nine other things he can’t tell you about. He’s from the town that King Of The Hill was based on but lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, his cat, and his books. He is much more interesting than this bio makes him sound. Promise.

Thanks internet! One avid fan has said this about Donny “Donny Cates is a legend. Between God Country, Absolute Carnage, Cosmic Ghost Rider & now Thor, he has such an amazing resume, & seems like an all around good guy.”

Thank you Donny! You are the absolute best! If you are looking for a great Donny comic to start reading I recommend God Country, it’s a great read!

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