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Artist Creates Adorable Animal Crossing Inspired Cakes

I think we can all agree that the unsung hero of Animal Crossing will always be Blathers. He spends all his free time looking into every bug, fossil, painting, and fish so that we may learn something. Not to mention while in Animal Crossing: New Horizons he can be seen reading a book to expand his knowledge. Thanks Blathers! One artist by the name of Josué Luciano created a cake to pay homage to our favorite owl.

Artify – Square

HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! Look at the design! See take a look at the comparison of the design.

No photo description available.

It’s so perfect! Thank you Josue for creating a cake to one of my favorite characters! But that’s not it, he’s also made Isabel! Though she has a love hate relationship with most people she is definitely cute. Check out the details on the cake below!

Keep Going!
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If you love these cakes you should check out his other works as well. He makes amazing Drag Queen cakes and did we mention Pokemon?

If you can’t tell, that’s a Gloom Cake! He’s made many more than that which you can check out by following the link here. Believe us you will not be disappointed!

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